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Climate Change is Real: Adapt

At ClimateForReal.com, we don’t believe that climate change can totally get stopped at this point, but we do believe that we can adapt to a new reality and try to reduce it as much as possible for future generations. We also know that when we discuss real climate change, we don’t even have to talk about future generations. We are already feeling the impact, and by 2050, the impact will grow more.

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Natural Climate Change, Evolution, and Adapting

We also know that the planet has experienced climate changes any times. In the distant past, it is likely that natural climate changes even forced our own ancestors to adapt. In fact, we may not be the big-brained apes that are sitting in front of computers and sending people out into space if the earth’s climate would have just stayed one way.

Human-Generated Climate Change

However, this time we have the capacity and experience to understand climate change. We can measure it and even see it from space. The more information that scientists have, the more they agree that climate change is happening. This time, unlike at other points in the Earth’s history, climate change is also mostly a human creation. It was an intended side effect of the Industrial Revolution, and as we create more industry, we impact the climate even more.


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I'm on a mission to ride it out with you as the climate changes.
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