Dec 202014
LED bulbs are better!
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Why Are LED Light Bulbs Better?

When we say LED light bulbs are a brighter idea, we mean that they are smarter over the long run. However, LED bulbs are expensive, so consider some reasons why you’ll end up conserving energy and saving money in the long run by making the investment.

Nobody is trying to convince you to run out and replace every light bulb in your home or office with this more modern light bulb today, but there is a good case to be made that it is sensible to replace burnt out light bulbs with LED bulbs. After you finally discard your last CFL or incandescent light bulb, you are not likely to miss them.

LED Bulbs Emit Less Heat

LED bulbs are better!


With traditional incandescent bulbs, soon to be dinosaurs in the US, and with CFL bulbs, much more of the energy gets emitted as heat than light. With an LED bulb, heat gets trapped, and they actually feel cool to the touch when they’re turned on. Energy gets used more efficiently, and additional heat does not get added to the ambient temperature of a room.

LED Bulbs are Cheaper in the Long Run

Department of Energy comparison tests clearly generated that LEDs save money even when the additional cost gets considered. Consider some numbers from these DOE studies:

  • Estimated average energy costs a year: Incandescent: $4.80; CFL: $1.20; LED: $1.00
  • Lifespans: Incandescent: 1,000 hours; CFL: 10,000 hours; LED: 25,000 hours

Yes, LEDs cost considerably more than incandescent bulbs and somewhat more than CFLs. Many users of CFL bulbs found that they never really enjoyed the advertised lifespans from these newer bulbs, and that may be because they tend to overheat and malfunction. This is not a problem with cool LED lights.

Besides, an LED does not cost 25 times as much as an incandescent, but it is expected to last 25 times as long and use almost 80 percent less power. It should last at least 2.5 times longer than an CFL, and possibly much more and use about 20 percent less power. Meanwhile LEDs may cost twice as much as CFLs today, but the price is coming down as they gain popularity.

LED Bulbs Are Safe to Dispose

CFLs contain mercury, and this is a big toxic no-no to throw away in the trash. Most people don’t know this, so they do it anyway. LED bulbs are considered safe for recycling or general waste. Producing LED bulbs also has less of a carbon footprint than producing CFL bulbs.

If Everybody Switched to LED, the Planet Would Be Greener

What if everybody made the switch? Well, the planet would be greener if not brighter. If the US switched to LED lighting within the next 20 years, the EPA tells us that would result in a savings of $250 billion. If everybody changed their light bulbs by tomorrow mornings, yearly electric budgets could be reduced by $37 billion a year starting the next day.

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